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Paris, capital of elegance and refinement.

Boudoir, intimate and feminine space par excellence. Formerly a comfortable and chic room, where the women of the world retired to be alone or to converse with their guests. Each left its mark on its own, imprinted the seal of its identity on it, decorating it with furniture selected with taste and finesse and remarkable objects. This cocoon, transformed into a room with a unique character, became a source of inspiration for oneself and for others.

Faithful to the spirit and values ​​of these period places, Le Boudoir - Paris manufactures with care and quality objects intended for contemporary decorations. By these notes of beauty and aesthetics, today's living room, bedroom or bathroom stands out; with these little touches of magic, the modern interior revives the splendor and glory of yesteryear. Tribute to the quintessence of these missing boudoirs… without forgetting that of the circles and smoking rooms, so that men do not feel excluded!

From one collection to another, we will invite you to travel through time and continents, and depending on the theme, to escape to new horizons. For our first collection, quite naturally, we gave you an appointment in France, in Paris and in full effervescence of the Roaring Twenties!

So let yourself be carried away by the patterns and scents. Touch the shapes, feel the materials. Treat yourself. And remember to offer Le Boudoir - Paris objects.

“…a duchess's boudoir, everything was there: comfort, elegance and wealth. On a fine pedestal table of lemon wood shone like a star an alabaster lamp which cast a soft, bluish light through the room. » 

Teophile Gautier

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